Dear guests, Welcome to CARISA LIVADIA GARDENS apartment complex
We would like to inform you about the main services provided here and the terms and conditions of staying in our hotel.

An apartment complex is not a hotel in the usual sense of the word. Therefore, the fee does not include some services traditionally provided in hotels. However, if you wish to receive additional services, we are happy to provide them, including individual meals that suit your personal taste.


in All apartments are ready for your arrival from 2 p.m. daily. To check in you need to provide a personal identification document.
It is acceptable for our guests’ visitors to stay in the apartment from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., if the Administrator is notified in advance. After 10 p.m. all people staying in the apartment must be properly checked in as guests and the stay must be paid for according to the current tariff.

Vacating apartments

We kindly ask you to vacate your apartment before 12 p.m. on the day of your departure. In case of delay please contact the Administrator.

Damaging / removing

hotel items from the apartment Please handle the hotel property carefully. If any property is damaged or removed from the apartment, we will have to request financial compensation. The same rule applies to loss of keys.

Beach towels

We earnestly ask you not to take our towels to the beach. White towels are extremely difficult to wash and cannot be used after that. We believe that you will not be happy to receive white towels with yellow stains from the sand.

Instead we offer you to purchase special beach towels from us for a small fee.

Please contact the Administrator or purchase your beach towels independently, if you haven’t brought them any with you.

Changing the towels and linen

You can wash the towels and linen yourself or you can request laundry service for an additional fee.
In that case the towels will be changed every three days and the linen every six days.
If you are staying from up to five but no longer than ten days, the linen will be changed in the middle of your stay. If you would like to have the linen changed earlier, contact the Administrator.


Parking is provided to our guests free of charge. Barbecue area Our guests can use the barbecue area free of charge.

Room key

The Administrator issues you one set of keys to your room. Make sure you always keep the apartment locked. We are not responsible for belongings left in the apartments.

Safety measures

Smoking and starting open fires are strictly forbidden in all apartments and lodgings of the complex.
Do not use any electrical or gas appliances for personal hygiene, apart from those already installed in the apartment. Make sure all the appliances, including the air conditioning, are switched off before you leave the room.
Please remember to turn off the taps if you leave the room. Do not keep inflammable materials in the apartment.
In case of a fire contact the Administrator immediately.


Please do not leave your children unattended on the complex premises. Children must never be left alone in the swimming pool area.

Night time

Please respect the comfort of others and keep noise levels to a minimum between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.


Taxi service is available 24 hours a day. Please contact the Administrator about the time and destination of your journey. It is a paid service and the fee depends on your route.

Repair service

Repair service is available from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. Please inform the Administrator of any technical problems / flaws or missing equipment.


Pets are strictly forbidden in the hotel.

Rules of using the swimming pool

Open-air swimming pools are available from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. The service is free and, for security reasons, is reserved for our guests exclusively.
Please be informed that no relatives or friends of our guests are allowed to use the swimming pool unless they are checked in residents.
Underage children can only use the swimming pool if accompanied by adults.

It is strictly forbidden to:

* use the swimming pool at night time and during the cleaning time
* bring pets onto the territory of the swimming pool
* use glass containers (in order to avoid cuts)
* apply any creams to your skin before using the swimming pool
* use the swimming pool under intoxication
* jump, dive from the borders of the swimming pool or play with a ball
* run, play, push others or shout loudly in the swimming pool area * make false alarm signs * leave children unattended.


Please remember that utility prices are rather high in Cyprus. We recommend you to use water and electricity economically. Payment for the used resources is made on departure according to the counter readings.

Drinking water

Do not use water from the tap for drinking. Always purchase bottled water.